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The ICONE Group makes Industrial Transfers-Acquisitions in Europe, with a specialization in Industrial Reconversions. The ICONE Group therefore assists large international industrial groups throughout their projects of divestiture measures of some of their industrial sites. After a technical analysis of these sites, ICONE Group proposes to SMEs and groups in international development to take over one of these industrial sites BEFORE a Social Plan to produce OTHER products. There is just one methodology used here, our firms.
Our concrete Solutions: The ICONE Group experts therefore propose to assignors, international industrial groups, concrete solutions to avoid social plans and large expenses during plant closing down. They also help the person "buyer" one of these industrial sites, a decrease of initial investments and time necessary to get installed, as well as trained and motivated workers by a new industrial project.
Our Network: ICONE Group represents over 100 offices in the world thanks to its partnership with the German group, ICON Institute. The latter allows to identify very quickly potential buyers around the world.
Our Payment: ICONE Group proposes its clients a small monthly retainer fee, as well as a large part of variable pay upon objectives, solely paid upon the signing of a buyer project of an industrial site.

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Gründungsjahr 2012
SIREN 752 992 222
SIRET (Siège) 752 992 222 00022
Rechtliche Hinweise Société par actions simplifiée à associé unique ou société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle
Kapital 10.000 EUR
Art des Unternehmens Hauptsitz
USt-ID.Nr. FR35 752992222
Fax +33 1 53 45 54 55
Webseite http://www.icone-group.fr

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Mme Stéfanie Pfeffel

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