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Industrias Metala

C/ Santa Klara 34
20870 Elgoibar

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Firmeninformationen Industrias Metala


Fittings for hydraulics.Industrias

METALA, is specialized in the manufacturing of DIN 2353 / ISO 8434 connectors.
  • Fittings DKO ISO 8434-4
  • Connections according to DIN 3852
  • Fittings with NPT thread according to ANSI/ASME
  • Fittings with thread UN/UNF, according to ANS
  • Connections for manometer
  • Connections reduction
  • ittings union square
  •  cable Glands of simple union
  •  Fittings double bond reduction
  • Fittings union double DIN 3902
  •  Fittings simple union orientable male to DIN 3852
  • Fittings union L male; DIN 3913; DIN 3914
  • union tee male DIN 3906, DIN 3907; ISO 8434-1
  • Fittings T adjustable DIN 3953
  • Sockets T swivel male DIN 3953; DIN 3901
  • Fittings L swivel DIN 3954
  • Fittings L rotatable male DIN 3954; DIN 3901
  • square union equal to DIN 3905· T of union as DIN 3908
  • cross-binding as DIN 3951· union double pasatabique DIN 3910
  • Fittings orientable BSP
  • Fittings orientable metri
  • Fittings adjustable step-total BSP
  • Fittings T adjustable step total
  • Unions straight DKO ISO 8434-
  • Joints in simple welding DIN 3909
  • Unions doubles pasatabique for welding DIN 3912

Sales and distribution of hydarulic and pneumatic products ( flexible, pressings, adapters...)
  • Hoses
  • terminals and assembly thereof
  • hydraulic hoses industrial large size
  • welding hoses stainless steel corrugated and sets formed by fittings, accessories and piping.
  • Pipe of different materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, bundy) approved by the sector of the automotive international, with the support of the brand NORMYDRO (BENTELER), with distributors nationwide, providing for the clamping of the same clamps of different types.
  • ubes bent and cut to size.
  • Tubes phosphate and galvanized
  • Material pneumatic: pneumatic fittings, pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, pneumatic, pneumatic cylinder standard or made to measure
  • Elbows swivel, elbows, weld, plugs, threaded plugs, plugs, hex plugs, tapered plugs, tapered hex male fixed, adjustable, female, fixed and adjustable, clamps, bushings, check valves, gaskets.
  • Flexible stainless steel.
  • Cutting machines hose· Machines for pressing pipe low pression

To be able to test all the products we have a test Bench with the possibility of issuing certificates of the tests.The most important sectors of our market are Machine Tool, Railway, Shipbuilding, Aeronautics, Food, Agricultural, Automotive, Public Works, Construction, Renewable Energies, Chemical.

Production of machined and turned parts.

METALA also has a service for the welding of hoses stainless steel corrugated and sets formed by fittings, accessories and piping.

Allgemeine Informationen

Gründungsjahr 1967
CIF B20071494
Rechtliche Hinweise Sociedad Limitada
Kapital 61.904 EUR
Art des Unternehmens Hauptsitz
USt-ID.Nr. ESB20071494
Fax +34 943 740 538
Webseite http://www.metala.es




Region: Westeuropa

Produkte Industrias Metala

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Kennzahlen Industrias Metala


  • Firma

    Von 20 bis 49 Beschäftigte


  • 2014

    2 - 5 Millionen EUR

Führungskräfte Industrias Metala

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Sr Gorka Urbieta

Kaufmännische Leitung

Amaia Zubiaurre

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Andere Klassifikationen (nur für bestimmte Länder)

CAE (PT 2008) :
Fabricación de pernos y productos de tornillería (2594)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Herstellung von Schrauben und Nieten (2594)
Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c. (2599)