SeoHeong Bicycle Rack Co., Ltd.

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43-15, Yuilsaengjungang-ro 169beon-gil, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si
Gyeonggi-do 10040


Fax +82 31 983 0518

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Standort Hauptsitz
Gründungsjahr 2000
Kapital 500 USD
Co.Registration No 107-81-77395
Mitarbeiter dieses Firmensitzes 7 Mitarbeiter
Gesamtzahl Mitarbeiter 7 Mitarbeiter
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Firmenkurzbeschreibung: SeoHeong Bicycle Rack Co., Ltd.

Inclined Bicycle Rack, Bicycle Rack, rack  

# Company Introduction
Our company has been established in February 2000 and we are a specialized company of manufacturing various kinds of Bicycle Racks(Stands). We have been designated as a Venture Enterprise by SMBA (Small & Medium Business Administration of the Republic of Korea) and our company with products are registered by the Public Procurement Agency of Korea(PPA Reg. NO.22705432).
As we have mentioned below, we have obtained totally 7 intellectual properties(IPS) such as "Invention Patent,Utility Model Patent and Design Patent)as well as ISO 9001,2006 KSQ, ISO 9001.2009 

 ① Name : SeoHeong Bicycle Rack Co., Ltd. 
 ② Address :43-15, Yulsaengjunagng-ro 169beon-gil, Daegot-myeon,Gimpo-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea
 ③ President & CEO : Mr. Heung-il, Park
 ④ TEL : +82-31-983-0544 FAX : +82-31-983-0518
 ⑤ E-mail :
 ⑥ Websites : (English) (Korean) 
 ⑦ Products :Two Stairs Bicycle Rack Inclined Bicycle Rack Horizontal Bicycle Rack Cabinet Bicycle Rack APT Veeeanla Bicycle Rack ETC Bicycle Rack 
 ⑧ Established : February 10, 2000
 ⑨ Business Type : Small & Medium Sized Company
 ⑩ Patents : One Patent and two utility models registered with Four Designs : Total 7 IPs.
 ⑪ ISO : 9001:2008/KS Q ISO 9001:2009
 ⑫ PPS registeration number :22705432 

 # Main Product : Bicycle Rack

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    Inclined Bicycle Rack, Bicycle Rack, rack

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Mr. Myungsun Zhang


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